If you registered your child before May 2nd, 2022, we need you to re-register your child AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
This is extremely very important
Why am I Re-Registering my Child(ren)?
There are 2 very important reasons parents must re-register their child.

Our insurance provider requires us to have updated information as of May 1st, 2022.  This includes updated electronic signatures on waivers such as COVID-19, child protection, etc. so that all parents, especially our children and the organization can be protected based on our current youth protection policies.

Over the next 2 weeks, the leagues will be asking for student-based league payments and registration/roster info, and we need all parents to ensure they are currently providing the $5 Per Week payment and we have all of their documents up to date.

If we do not have your child’s up to date information, waivers, and payment current, there is a high possibility that your child may not be able to play in games.
Parents, re-registering is very important.  Please register your child as soon as possible and ensure you are paying your membership fees.
This not only helps us as an organization to stay organized with data, but also be able to continue to communicate and update parents as well keep our league fees current so that we do not have to tell a child that they can’t play because their parent didn’t pay or update their information.
Q: What if I already have an account and/or are currently paying?
A: Please check your emails, bank account and credit card statement. It is possible that your payments have skipped. However, please go in again and re-register and pay as well.
If you double pay, you can call us and we will immediately refund your monies – guaranteed.
Q: What if I registered after May 2 of this year?
A: If you registered your child after May 2 of this year, you do not have to register again.
This is only for parents that register before May 2, 2022 and yes, you must ensure you sign all waivers online electronically and pay the $5 fee. Don’t worry, it will not be a double fee.
Let’s continue to practice safe COVID protocols:
Let’s protect ourselves and others. Going forward, coaches may ask all players to wear mask. Please be prepared by having extra mask for practices.
Children should have the following:

There own personal water bottle

Personal bottle of hand sanitizer

Extra Mask

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