Heat Acclimatization

The Prince George’s Bears now Youth Athlete University will provide a 7-14-day heat-acclimatization period prior to full-scale athletic participation:

  1. During the first five days of the heat-acclimatization process, no more than one practice per day.
  2. If a practice is interrupted by inclement weather, the practice should recommence once conditions are deemed safe, but total practice time should not exceed three hours per day.
  3. A one-hour maximum walk-through is permitted during the first five days of the heat-acclimatization period, with a three-hour recovery period between the practice and walk-through (or vice versa).
  4. Helmets only during the first two days (no shoulder pads). Students should not wear full protective gear or perform activities that would require protective equipment. During days four through five, only helmets and shoulder pads should be worn. Beginning on day six, all protective equipment may be worn and full contact drills may begin.
  5. Beginning no earlier than the sixth day and continuing through the 14th day, double-practice days must be followed by a single-practice day. On single-practice days, one walk-through is permitted, but it must be separated from the practice by at least three hours of continuous rest. When a double-practice day is followed by a rest day, another double-practice day is permitted after the rest day.
  6. On a double-practice day, neither practice’s duration should exceed three hours total, and total practice time should be limited to a maximum of five total hours. Warm-up, stretching, cool-down, walkthrough, conditioning and weight-room activities are included as part of the practice time. The two practices should be separated by a break of at least three continuous hours in a cool environment.
  7. Because the risk of exertion heat illnesses during the pre-season heat-acclimatization period is high, the consensus statement strongly recommends that CPR certified rep be on site before, during, and after all practices.
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